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That was a great sexy time ! Katy and I were together in a hotel weekend stay and we are there to take advantage Decic the gym. After a workout in the gianttube gym and swim a little, decided to rest the head of steam! I went in first and sat on a bench near a couple of guys that was hanging in the vapor in the air. At that moment the door opened and went in Katy, she was only a towel, which was just in your body. Sitting talking to me about gianttube it, gianttube and did not know me. As he continued the towel tighter around her large breasts are pert emphasized her curves and the ground was riding stretched over her thighs revealing. As they sat the kids who both pay much attention and she knew it ! He put his hands through his hair and said jokingly : 'It's so hot here... I can hardly stand it. '. That was so sexy, and I began to feel the bloodmy penis, at first mild stroke to happen. Then provocative set and took a towel dangerously close to exposing her breasts, showing her cleavage for me and the other men. Then sit down with her ​​hands in her lap, she said, ' to please any of you... you turn gianttube the water vapor? ' The two guys to do just encrypted, and what he wanted the steam gianttube fills the room so they could hardly see each other. 'Hmmm that's better,' he said. Through the steam that Katy could hardly slip of the hand in the towel between her legs. It was touching... before two guys! ! When the smoke began to clear a little more, which saw both eyes closed, hands moving gently with the towel. She started to moan a little. Both men were firm looked... gianttube I was! ! I had a large capacity hard at this point and not surprisingly it seemed like the men! gianttube Katy was masturbating and how they did the movements, making them grow more as a stoke towel pushing his body until the chest and fell in the bank. Now, she opened her eyes and smiled at the man opened her legs. At this point, the two men began to masturbate in front of it. She was very excited about this. But as if this is just the beginning, she stood up and leaned toward me, I threw in the towel on the cock rock hard to get now. She took it eagerly into her mouth and started sucking. The men were clearly enjoying the show and masturbate in desperation, while guarding the door. ' It is wrong for anyone to use his cock as it was meant to come from? I have a feeling in me boys... ' And so, one of the men got up and went back to Katy, who started sucking me again, and had pushed his erect penis deep into her from behind. She moaned loudly and began to pound her pussy fucking hard and fast, like a bitch. She loved, loved, loved, the focus for these men. The boy soon shot his load in her and satback panting ! 'Hmmm, that's exactly what I needed. ' She said, holding the towel with your other hand under my hand. 'We, in my room.... ' And so I stood up and we both left the steam room for hotel rooms and a hard night of passion. It will certainly Katy, we took all night!
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